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Attention to multiple objects facilitates their integration in prefrontal and parietal cortex. 蔡人傑  2017-02-24
Working Memory and Categorization: Examination for multiple-systems view Lee-Xieng Yang (National Chengchi University)  2011-05-20
偏私與效忠 姜定宇 中正大學心理系  2011-05-06
Made you Look - How Susceptibility to Attentional Capture Changes with Advanced Age? Mei-Ching Lien  2011-01-21
注意力缺陷過動症之實務與研究 李宏鎰教授  2010-12-17
幽默的理論、機制、測量及應用 陳學志教授  2010-12-10
華人青少年的雙元自主型: 個體化與關係自主性 葉光輝  2010-12-03
華人的自我 孫蒨如 教授  2010-11-26
Criminal Responsibility and Neuroscience: Avoiding “ Brain Overclaim Syndrome﹝BOS﹞” Prof. Stephen J.Morse (美國賓州大學法學院教授)  2010-11-18
Learning from examples does not prevent order effects in belief revision Josef F. Krems  2010-11-12
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