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Title Chairman Professor 
Name Li-Fang Chou 
e-mail choulf 
Expertise 1. I/O Psychology (Leadership & Cultural, Teamwork, Guanxi & Social Network) 2. Social Psychology 
Title Distinguished Professor and Dean of College of Social Science 
Name Fu-Zen Shaw 
e-mail fzshaw  
Expertise 1.Behavioral neuroscience 2.Sleep and epilepsy 3.Rehabilitation 
Title Distinguished Professor 
Name Shu-Lan Hsieh 
e-mail psyhsl 
Expertise 1. Cognitive Neuroscience 2. Clinical and Cognitive Neuropsychology 3. Electrophysiology of Cognition 4. Attention 5. Task switching 6. Memory and Executive Function 7. Error monitoring 
Title Professor and Director of PIMS 
Name Cheng-Ta Yang 
e-mail yangct 
Expertise 1.Visual attention 2.Visual memory 3.Object recognition 4.Scene perception 5.Mathmatical psychology 6.Psychophysics 
Title Professor 
Name Chung-Ping Cheng 
e-mail cpcheng.psy 
Title Professor 
Name Chun-Chia Kung 
e-mail chunkung 
Expertise 1.Face and Object Recognition 2.Research methods in functional Neuroimaging 3.Issues in Fundamental Vision. 
Title Professor 
Name Shu-Jung Hu 
e-mail E-mail: shujungh 
Expertise Neurobiology of Learning and Memory, Psychopharmacology,Drugs of Abuse, Cannabinoid Signaling 
Title Professor 
Name Jon-Fan Hu 
e-mail jfhu 
Expertise 1.Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development 2.Connectionist Modeling 
Title Professor 
Name Chun-Yu Lin 
e-mail cyjlin 
Expertise 1.Human Memory 2.Neuroimaging techniques, especially fMRI 3.Cognitive Neuroscience 4. Consciousness 
Title Professor 
Name Pi-Chun Huang 
e-mail pichun_huang 
Expertise Visual perception, Amblyopic vision, computational modeling of visual psychophysics. Representative Publication 
Title Assistant Professor 
Name Der-Yow Chen 
e-mail chendy 
Expertise Functional neuroimaging, MRI technologies on human and animal Cognitive neuroscience, Behavioral neuroscience, Learning and memory, Psychopharmacology, Emotion and cognition, Drug abuse and addiction 
Title Assistant Professor 
Name Po-Hsien Huang 
e-mail psyphh 
Expertise Structural equation model,factor analysis, Correlated Data Analysis, model selection 
Title Assistant Professor 
Name Hsin-Ping Hsu 
e-mail hphsupsy 
Expertise Personality and Social Psychology, Cultural Beliefs and Attitudes in East Asian Societies, Health Psychology