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Jon-Fan Hu Associate Professor
Final Degree Received
D.Phil., University of Oxford, U. K.
Contact Information
Tel: (06) 2757575 分機 56513
E-mail: jfhu@mail.ncku.edu.tw
語言與認知發展實驗室 (Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development Laboratory)
神經網路模擬實驗室(Neural Networks/Connectionist Modeling Laboratory)
1.Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development 2.Connectionist Modeling
Representative publication
Plunkett, K., Hu, J.-F., & Cohen, L. B. (2008). Labels can override perceptual categories in early infancy. Cognition, 106,665-681.
Gliozzi, V., Mayor, J., Hu, J.-F., & Plunkett, K. (2009). Labels as features (not Names) for infant categorization: a neuro-computational approach. Cognitive Science, 33, 709-738.
Hu, J.-F, Plunkett, K., & Cohen, L. B. (in preparation). Labels, perceptual similarity, and infant categorization.
Hu, J.-F., Li, P. (in preparation). A connectionist model of perceptual loading hypothesis for the impact of labeling on infant visual categorization.