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◆Electrophysiology Lab:
64-channel real-time many neuron recording and analysis system, neurosurgical microscope, wireless polysmnography, rat/mice stereotasic apparatus, CO2 laser, behavioral tracking system (elevated plus maze and open field), bio-impedance analyzer, high-speed video camera, computer, etc.

◆The Language, Culture and Cognition Laboratory(LCCLab@NCKU):
128-channel Dense Array EEG system、EYELINK II Eye-tracking System、Writing Board、Several computers for behavioral experiments。

◆Cognitive Electrophysiology Laboratory (Cog-ERP Lab):
Synamp 2: Electrical Source Imaging EEG/EP/ERP system、Synamp 1

◆Neuroimging of Visual Cognition Lab:
Desktops and Laptops、Unix work stations、Projectors、Printers、Projection and data analysis system for fMRI studies、Bits++ card for very low contrast presentation

◆Visual Cognition and Modeling Lab (VCM LAB):

◆Social & I-O Psychology Program:
PC/Laptops, fixed and portable projectors, video camera and digital camera, several statistical software including SPSS, EQS, AMOS, and HLM.

◆Language Acquisition and Cognitive Development Laboratory (LACD Lab):
Preferential Looking Accouterment, Behavior Observation System, Equipment Control Room, Reception Area.

◆Neural Networks/Connectionist Modeling Laboratory (NNCM Lab):
High-efficacy computers, neural networks modeling packages and programming software.