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Chia-Liang Tsai

Email: andytsai@mail.ncku.edu.tw


Representative works
1.    Tsai, C. L.*, & Pai, M. C. (2020 Accepted & In press). Circulating levels of Irisin in obese individuals at genetic risk for Alzheimer’s disease: Correlations with amyloid-β, metabolic, and neurocognitive indices. Behavioural Brain Research. (SCI in Behavioral Sciences category) [Impact Factor: 2.977 in 2019; Ranking: 14/53 (26.41%)](MOST 105-2410-H-006-050-MY3)
2.   Tsai, C. L.*, Erickson, K. I., Sun, H. S., Kuo, Y. M., & Pai, M. C. (2020 Accepted & In press). A cross-sectional examination of a family history of Alzheimer’s disease and ApoE epsilon 4 on physical fitness, molecular biomarkers, and neurocognitive performance. Physiology & Behavior. (SSCI in Psychology, Biological category) [Impact Factor: 2.826 in 2019; Ranking: 4/14 (28.57%)](MOST 105-2410-H-006-050-MY3)
3.   Wang, T. C., Tseng, M. L., Pan, H. W., Hsiau, C. C., Tang, T. W.*, & Tsai, C. L.* (2020 Accepted & In press). The development of a sustainable wellness service marketing strategy in Taiwan based on consumer eye movements and preferences. Journal of Cleaner Production. (SCI in Environmental Sciences category) [Impact Factor: 7.246 in 2019; Ranking: 19/265 (7.17%)]
4.   Wen, H. J.*, & Tsai, C. L.* (2020). Effects of acute aerobic exercise combined with resistance exercise on neurocognitive performance in obese women. Brain Sciences10(767), 1-17. (SCI in Neurosciences category) [Impact Factor: 3.332 in 2019; Ranking: 113/271 (41.70%)]
5.   Lin, T. K., Chang, Y. Y., Chen, N. C., Liou, C. W., Lan, M Y., Chen, Y. F., & Tsai, C. L.* (2020). Nutritional status associated with molecular biomarkers and clinical severity in Parkinson’s disease patients. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health17(5727), 1-11. (SSCI in Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health category) [Impact Factor: 2.849 in 2019; Ranking: 32/170 (18.82%)](MOST 108-2410-H-006-097-MY3 & MOST 108-2923-H-006-001-MY3)
6.   Wen, H. J.*, & Tsai, C. L.* (2020). Neurocognitive inhibitory control ability performance and correlations with biochemical markers in obese women. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(2726), 1-19. (SSCI in Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health category) [Impact Factor: 2.849 in 2019; Ranking: 32/170 (18.82%)]
7.   Chiu, Y. K., Pan, C. Y., Chen, F. C., Tseng, Y. T., & Tsai C. L.* (2020). Behavioral and cognitive electrophysiological differences in the executive functions of basketball players as a function of playing position. Brain Sciences10(387), 1-15. (SCI in Neurosciences category) [Impact Factor: 3.332 in 2019; Ranking: 113/271 (41.70%)]
8.   Wang, T. C., Sit, C. H. P, Tang, T. W.*, & Tsai, C. L.* (2020). Psychological and physiological responses in patients with generalized anxiety disorder: the use of acute exercise and virtual reality environment. International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health, 17(4855), 1-15. (SSCI in Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health category) [Impact Factor: 2.849 in 2019; Ranking: 32/170 (18.82%)]
9.   Tang, T. W., Zhang, P., Lu, Y., Wang, T. C.*, & Tsai C. L.* (2020). The effect of tourism core competence on entrepreneurial orientation and service innovation performance in tourism small and medium enterprises. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 25(2), 89-100. (SSCI in Hospitality, Leisure, Sport & Tourism category) [Impact Factor: 2.017 in 2019; Ranking: 32/56 (57.14%)]
10.  Chu, C. H., Tsai, C. L., Chen, F. C., Sit, C. H. P., Chen, P. L., & Pan, C. Y.* (2020). The role of physical activity and body-related perceptions in motor skill competence of adolescents with autism spectrum disorder. Disability and Rehabilitation, 42(10), 1373-1381. (SSCI in Rehabilitation category) [Impact Factor: 2.222 in 2019; Ranking: 4/71 (5.63%)]
11.  Chiu, Y. L., Tsai, C. L., Sung, W. H., & Tsai, Y. J.* (2020). Feasibility of smartphone-based badminton footwork performance assessment system. Sensors20(6035), 1-11. (SCI in Instruments & Instrumentation category) [Impact Factor: 3.275 in 2019; Ranking: 15/64 (23.43%)](MOST 107-2627-H-006-001 & MOST 108-2627-H-006-004 & MOST 109-2627-H-006-004)
12.  Yu, J. J., Tsai, C. L., Pan, C. Y., Li, R., & Sit, C. H. P.* (2020 Accepted & In press). The relationship between physical activity and inhibition in children with and without motor impairments. Journal of Physical Activity & Health. (SSCI in Public, Environmental, & Occupational Health category) [Impact Factor: 1.993 in 2019; Ranking: 64/170 (37.65%)]