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Associate Professor

Chung-Ping Cheng

LAB:Quantitative Psychology Laboratory 

Methodology & Quantitative models
陳淑萍與鄭中平*(2011)。潛在調節徑路模型的模型設定。教育研究與發展, 7(4), 1-20
鄭中平*(已接受)。論組合性潛在構念的使用。高雄行為科學期刊。(On the use of composite latent construct)

Cheng. C.-P.*, Sheu, C.-F., & Yen, N.-S. (2009). A Mixed-Effects Expectancy-Valence Model for the Iowa Gambling Task. Behavior Research Methods, 41, 657-663. (SSCI)

陳淑萍、余麗樺與鄭中平*(2008)。分析方法與交乘項策略組合對潛在交互作用與二次效果估計之評估。中華心理學刊,50, 447-472。(TSSCI)。(Evaluation of analysis methods and product strategies on estimation of latent interaction and quadratic effects)

Weng*, L.-J. & Cheng, C.-P. (2005). Parallel analysis with unidimensional binary data. Educational and Psychological measurement, 65, 697-716.(SSCI)

鄭中平與翁儷禎*(2005)。輔助變項對全訊息最大概似法表現之影響:非隨機遺漏情形之結構方程模型。調查研究,15,11-33。(Effects of adding auxiliary variables to FIML in structural equation models when data are not missing at random)

鄭中平與翁儷禎*(2004)。潛在變項組型混合模型之結構方程模型估計:隨機EM算則。中華心理學刊,46,283-292。(TSSCI)。(Estimation of structural equation models with latent variable pattern mixture model via stochastic EM Algorithm)

鄭中平與翁儷禎*(2003)。遺漏值處理法與模型設定對適合度指標之影響。中華心理學刊,45,345-360。(TSSCI)。(Effects of missing data treatments and model specification on Fit indices in structural equation modeling)

鄭中平與翁儷禎*(2002)。潛在變項選擇模型下結構方程模型之最大概似估計。調查研究,12,5-27.(Maximum likelihood estimation of structural equation models with latent variable selection model)

劉世南*與鄭中平(2002)。決策加權函數的形式及心理解釋,中華心理學刊,44,57-73。(TSSCI)。(On the shape and psychological interpretation of decision weight function.)
Weng*, L.-J. & Cheng, C.-P. (2000). Effect of response order on Likert-type scales. Educational and Psychological measurement, 60, 908-924.(SSCI)

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翁儷禎*與鄭中平(1996)。結構方程模型增益性適合度指標與估計方法之關係。調查研究, 2, 89-109.

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Chen, M.-F., Wang, R.-H.*, Cheng, C.-P., Chun, C.-C., Stocker, J., Tang, S.-M., &  Chen, S.-W. (accepted). Development and psychometric testing of the Chinese version of the diabetes empowerment process scale. Journal of Advanced Nursing. (SSCI)

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許功餘*、鄭中平、董定儀、洪國洲、鍾苡文與徐達儒 (2008)。華人性格特質七因素模式的結構不變性之檢驗。本土心理學刊,29,239-298。(TSSCI)。(Structural invariance of a seven-factor model of Chinese personality traits: Exploratory and confirmatory tests)

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劉世南*與鄭中平 (2006). 決策不確定之因應策略類型與選擇。中華心理學刊,48,219-234。(TSSCI)。(Typology and choice of strategies for coping with decisional uncertainty)

劉世南*、黃榮村與鄭中平(2003)。決策不確定效應分流機制之模型建立。中華心理學刊,45,183-205。(TSSCI)。(Modeling stream lining of ambiguity effect in decisional process)