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Concealed by the most salient item in visual search

Concealed by the most salient item in visual search
Li Jingling
Associate professor
Graduate Institute of Biomedical Sciences
China Medical University, Taiwan
Visual search is usually more efficient if the searched target was a salient item or on a salient location. However, our laboratory found a counterintuitive phenomenon that a target is more difficult to find if it was placed on a collinear salient structure, which is called the collinear masking effect. The collinear salient structure is the “super salient” item created according to the V1 model of salience by combining continuous perceptual grouping and the largest orientation contrast. This talk will share with you a series of our studies from behavioral, ERP, and fMRI evidence. The major findings are that such a super salient item masks a local target not via perceptual salience but via collinear grouping. Our work thus reveals the power of perceptual grouping that could lead to not only attentional capture but also camouflage.