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NCKU Epidemic Prevention Announcement for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

NCKU Epidemic Prevention Announcement for 2019 Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)By Student Assistance Division, Office of Student Affairs, NCKU

Dear Students
As a gentle reminder, if you cannot return to school before the school start date of March 2nd, the “Study at Ease Project” launched by NCKU maybe of help for you. NCKU endeavors to assist students to complete your study as scheduled.
During the period of Home Isolation, Home Quarantine or Self-Management of Health, people should check body temperature in the morning and evening every day, and report through the on-line NCKU COVID-19 Epidemic Prevention Platform (https://tinyurl.com/qw4p2un).
 (Student Leave of Absence)
(1) Students who cannot attend classes due to epidemic prevention of Home Isolation or Home Quarantine, please apply for leave through the following ways:
A. After the school starts: Please apply for a sick leave in the "Student Leave System". When the system shows (in Mandarin and English) “The reason for absence is to carry out epidemic prevention of Home Isolation or Home Quarantine”, please tick “YES” or “NO”. If you tick “YES”, please upload proofs of “Related Notifications of COVID-19 Prevention (the lower half would be sufficient)” in the attachment. The “records of body temperature and travel history” are not requested.
B. Or visit the webpage of the Student Assistance Division, download the “NCKU Student Leave Application Form”, and email completed application form (including related proofs as listed above) to the student’s department institute office (contact) to help request for a leave from the courses instructors. (The paperwork of a leave application shall be completed.)
(2) Students who cannot attend classes due to Self-Management of Health, please apply for leave in the "Student Leave System". Please upload proofs of “the stamped page of passport or airline ticket (including the entry record)” in the attachment.
(3) The Curriculum Division, according to the data from "Student Leave System" of the Office of Academic Affairs,
●provides a list of students who will be absent from school due to epidemic prevention,
●informs each instructor of the class according to the student's course enrollment situation,

●and states that the leave is not included in the absence penalty record.