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【Course Announcement】 For students who have been assigned a Coursera account and wish to add Coursera courses, please pay attention to the following announcement.

If you are a student with an assigned Coursera account and wish to enroll in Coursera courses offered by our department, please fill out the add/drop form within the first week of classes (deadline: 2/23) and submit it to the department office for review. The add/drop process will be completed by noon on 3/7, and at that time, students can check whether the add/drop request was successful. If you have not been assigned a Coursera account, you will not be able to enroll in Coursera courses.

Priority for add/drop requests: 1. Psychology Department 2. Other departments

For any inquiries related to Coursera courses, please contact the teaching assistant, Ms. Huang Xiangyun(黃湘紜), via email at athenahuang030@gmail.com.